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Juanita Rose Northup Born 08/16/1950 of Vyron and Helen Northup Juanita Northup left home for California shortly after high school. She helped sister Dee and Tony rear the twins, Mark and Dale, and got a liking for California in the process. She returned after a short time in Washington state with the family there to marry Michael Freeman. That marriage ended in divorce.

Mike Walker (born September 16, 1952) and Nita were married at Pleasant Valley Lutheran Church on June 4, 1983. Attendants were Nita's sister, Leanne Haugen, and Perry Henderson, a friend. Julie Northup was Flower Girl and Frankie Fowler was Ring Bearer. They met and have been living in Orange County, California for twenty-two years, since 1979. They bought their home at 11392 S. Church Street in Orange in the fall of 1987.

Mike currently works as a pest control technician for Dewey Pest Control. His past jobs have included building and selling fences, roofing, and machinist. He is artistic, humorous, intelligent, and very good looking!

Nita has been working as a teacher in Santa Ana School District for eighteen years. Currently she teaches third grade. For a period of time she was a math specialist for the district, and worked to help other teachers do a better job of teaching math. Prior to that she worked in Garden Grove School District at a child care center (preschool). She is in the process of obtaining her Master's Degree at Chapman University.

Mike and Nita had two children:

Michael attends El Modena High School. He is also active in the Boy Scouts of America, and is the reigning Senior Patrol Leader for his troop (boss of the boys). We all go on hikes and overnight campouts regularly with Michael's troop. Last summer he attended Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico and hiked a total of 85 miles over 11 days.

Elizabeth is in the seventh grade at Santiago Middle School. She is an outstanding student. She has just recently joined the Girl Scouts of America. She is the cookie queen of her troop, selling over 250 boxes this year. The girls decided to save for a trip to Europe, hopefully earning enough money from cookie sales and babysitting to go to either Switzerland or England in four years.

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Juanita and Mike Walker Family

Children of Mike and Juanita (Northup) Walker

Michael Patrick Walker October 4, 1985
Elizabeth Helen Walker February 14, 1988

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Nita's Graduation Picture.
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